Arts Matter in Fargo-Moorhead

woman painting in the window of a business

Since 1970, The Arts Partnership has promoted the arts in the Fargo/Moorhead region as a member organization offering grants, advocacy, publicity and relationships with artists, their organizations, area attractions and the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. In 2008, the partnership released a local arts impact study in conjunction with Americans for the Arts.

This fall, when Moorhead City Council signaled intention to eliminate arts support from the city’s budget, The Arts Partnership rallied advocates in a successful bid that retained almost all funding. “It’s gratifying to see our community and civic leaders recognize our arts community and its value to individuals and the public,” remarks Executive Director Dayna Del Val. Currently, 68 arts organizations, arts-related businesses, and artists are members of The Arts Partnership, and their number is growing. Dayna points out that “the funding threat produced a side benefit of bringing the Partnership to the forefront and connecting us to more artists and arts activists.”

According to Carol Schlossman, Board Vice Chair, over the past year The Arts Partnership has developed an exciting new “go-getter” attitude through participation in ArtsLab. “We are becoming much more assertive in giving arts a voice in community life,” she says. Dayna notes that partnership is “on the cusp” of reciprocal collaborations with government and business that will create opportunities for artists and arts organization to engage with the public in “real and tangible ways.”