Community Engagement

National Arts Index 2009

A breakthrough for the arts: The National Arts Index—a highly-distilled annual measure of the health and vitality of arts in the U.S. More >>

The Arts Ripple Effect

Supporters of the arts have struggled to develop a civic conversation that makes the case for robust, ongoing public support for the arts. More >>

Some Historical Threads of the Community Arts Story (and why they are important)

by Maryo Gard Ewell

This overview of the origins and history of the community arts movement in the U.S. provides important insights into the public value of the arts and their role in community. More >>

Building Creative Economies: The Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development

from Americans for the Arts

Communities are increasingly seeing the potential of their existing creative economies as strong revenue, employment, and quality of life generators, or “creative industries.” More >>

There's Nothing Informal About It

by Maribel Alvarez, Ph.D.

Much art is produced by everyday people in informal spaces not typically associated with art: commercial storefronts, a street corner…. More >>