Board Development

Federal Financial Compliance Requirements

Read up on federal requirements for financial internal controls, conflict of interest, and whistle blower safeguards. More >>

Staying Engaged, Stepping Up: Succession Planning

Succession planning is an issue that every nonprofit boards of directors should be engaged in, not only when faced with the immediacy of a the departure of a key staffperson, but long term preparation for any significant departure. More >>

Checklist for Accountability

The Independent Sector recommends that each charitable organization take the following steps to demonstrate accountability. Adapt them to fit your unique circumstances, and check back for updates as the checklist is expanded. More >>

The Art of Board Development

This handbook by Anna Boulton is designed to assist nonprofit organization boards of directors through the many duties and leadership responsibilities needed to form and maintain a confident, well-run organization. More >>

Fiduciary Duties of Directors of Charitable Organizations.

This Guide is provided by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office to assist board members with the important responsibilities assumed when they volunteer their time. It is only a guide and is not meant to prescribe exactly how board members must act in all situations. Each organization possesses a distinct composition and experiences different circumstances and outcomes. This guide is merely provided as a reference tool and outline to assist directors in performing their duties. More >>